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A New Standard in Single Use Valves

As a company and as individuals, we struggled to come to grips with the trend toward single use products. Like many people we wondered, how can you make a "process system" from plastic bags and "disposable pinch valves"? With all of the existing instrumentation and control products that had evolved over the last fifty years, how are you going to make a "Single Use System"? There are no instruments...

But, after working through our disbelief, we began to conceive ways to blend the the performance of the traditional equipment with the disposability that was the new goal. Our experience in creating hybrid products for these applications in the preceding twenty years had given us a head start, and suddenly we had an idea. That idea became ARTeSYN. Our latest product innovation, among many that have caused people to ask..." why didn't I think of that?".

The ARTeSYN® PINCH valve is available in many forms and its compact design enables it to fit easily into small envelopes. Available with optional integral connections or used over your existing tubing, as a "manual pinch valve" there is no easier valve to assemble or service. The liner is easily removed and replaced at any time and the ARTeSYN® DRV valve shares common dimensions with standard size diaphragm valves. So, you can easily substitute it for an existing diaphragm valves should the need arise.

Desire automation for your "disposable process system"? Then this is the solution. Easily retrofitted with pneumatically actuated control tops and electrical position indicators. Now you can control your new single use process system like any modern process system or simplify the cleanup of your existing one.

Another innovation is the patented (#8235067) ARTeSYN® Arterial Process Module. It is a revolutionary fluid management solution for single use process systems. The multi-ported valve arrays allow you to minimize even further your hold up volumes while enabling you to automate and regulate the flow of your process system. Then throw it away. No mess. No clean up.

ARTeSYN® products allow the user to control complex processes like chromatography in a single use process system. These usually require extensive automation and control, along with cleaning. But now, one need only remove and toss the flow path when it is finished. No cleaning validation requirements. No cross contamination concerns.

Contact us and enter the 21st century of manual or automated disposable process systems with the infinitely customizable ARTeSYN® line of products.

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Company News

Aquasyn partners with class leading EM-TEC to provide precision non-contact flow sensing in single-use systems.

Aquasyn LLC has partnered with em-tec Flow Technology LP for off-the-shelf sales of em-tec's...

Global Innovations is now SemiTorr Group, Inc.

SemiTorr Group (formerly Global Innovations) represents Aquasyn for sales and distribution activities in the bio-sciences, food & beverage, and other high purity, sanitary and industrial process industries throughout the western United States.

Headquartered in Tualatin OR, SemiTorr Group, Inc. operates regional facilities in Livermore CA, Chandler AZ, Dallas, TX, Denver CO and Lehi UT.

Aquasyn LLC - Congratulations to Dean Richards!
May 10, 2013

Aquasyn LLC, maker of pharmaceutical grade diaphragm and disposable process valves has promoted Mr. Dean Richards to the position of vice-president and general manager.

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